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pleatedPleated shades offer many varying colors and styles to provide you with a truly dynamic look. EvenPleat Pleated Shades have a back-ladder support which keeps the pleats evenly spaced. FashionPleat Pleated Shades provide the same style without the back-ladder support offering a more economical alternative. Both are offered in 1" pleats, and now EvenPleat has select colors in 2" pleats for larger windows. Both styles are available in sheer, light-filtering and room darkening to provide you with the privacy control you want. 





  • Bottom Up/Top Down Corded

    Lower your shades from the top or raise them from the bottom. This allows you to maintain privacy or screen an unwanted view while letting natural light come in.
  • Cordless Lift System

    Cordless blinds and shades are a safe solution, ideal for homes with children or pets. Plus, the elimination of the lift cord presents a clean, attractive appearance.
  • Standard Cord Lift System

    Color-coordinated cord
  • Multiple Shades or Blinds on One Headrail

    Two or three independently operable blinds can be installed on a single headrail. Ideal for large windows or patio doors that exceed fabric width or for windows that open on one side.